How to Improve Your Flexibility

If you choose only one form of exercise make it stretching. In order to prevent injuries and to enhance your fitness lifestyle you must, simply must, add stretching to your fitness training. It only takes 10 minutes, four days a week.

Flexibility training is one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated components of fitness. Stretching exercises give you more freedom of movement to do the things you need to do and the things you like to do. Stretching exercises alone can improve your flexibility.

Flexibility is important because having flexible muscles allows your joints to move through a full range of motion. You need a certain amount of flexibility to move smoothly, avoid muscle tension and to keep your body protected from injury.

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is an important part of a cool down, not only physically but mentally; ending your workout with something that makes you feel good can help you associate those good feelings with future workouts. Other benefits include:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced soreness and lower back pain
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved coordination

Stretching will prepare your body for the exercise you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have an appropriate stretching routine in your fitness program you may be risking injury every time you perform intense exercise.

Static versus Dynamic Stretching

Through our coaching sessions you will discovery that there are two main types of stretching, static (holding a stretching exercise in one position without movement) and dynamic stretching, which means moving while stretching (arm swings, knee rotations, neck circles).


Yoga is an excellent example of an activity to stretch your body while also working on balance, endurance and stress relief. Adding yoga to your routine a few times a week is a nice compliment to strength training and cardio exercise, giving you a gentle, soothing way to work your body and mind.

Join my Coaching Sessions to learn how to make Stretching Exercises a regular part of your Fitness Lifestyle!

Physician’s Approval
IMPORTANT: This website is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with your personal physician and/or health care provider. Before you engage in any program of physical activity, please consult your physician. Talk with your doctor if you are unsure about a particular exercise.

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