How to Improve Your Strength

Strength training is a major component of a synergistic fitness program. Regardless of your age or physical condition, training for strength and muscle development should be a part of your total fitness plan.

The purpose of Strength Training is to improve your health, your appearance, and your performance at any age. Strength training has numerous advantages for the active adult, including athletic performance, reduced risk of disease; and decreased symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Regardless of age, when muscles aren't used they waste away. Strength exercises build your muscles to make you stronger. They also increase your metabolism, which helps to keep your weight and blood sugar in check. That’s important because obesity and diabetes are major health problems for older adults. Studies suggest that strength exercises also may help prevent osteoporosis.

Strength Training and Anti-Aging Research

Most people begin to lose muscle mass after the age of thirty and bone density after the age of forty. Some of this loss occurs because of the natural processes of aging. The losses in muscle mass and bone density can be slowed and even turned around by implementing a strength training program.

Muscle loss as we age has many dangerous affects such as weight gain, and the associated health related problems such as high cholesterol, heart attacks, arthritis, obesity, neurological disorders, and a general lack of energy.

On the other hand, people at "any age" who follow a fitness plan are capable of improving their muscle mass, bone density, mental processes, and overall health.

Weight Training

Your weight training program greatly depends on your fitness goals. In general, weight training greatly builds muscle and taxes your bones to make them denser. If you want to get the carved physique of a bodybuilder, your program will have to be more intense than if simply want to improve muscle tone and strength.

Weight training is typically done by focusing on one muscle group at a time or no more than two muscle groups on any day. Each day you focus on a new body part or parts until you have completed a cycle that includes a day of rest.

Adding lean muscle through strength training will increase “resistance metabolism,” and this creates additional synergy in your body to further reduce body fat.

Whether it is weight lifting in a large chain fitness center, or at home, strength training is necessary, and it has wonderful synergistic benefits. Strength training with weights and other resistance equipment is essential in achieving the goals of a holistic (whole person) fitness plan.

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