Meet Dennis

About Me as a Coach

Dennis Parks, MBA, CPRC, CCC
Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Certified Professional Retirement Coach, Certified Career Coach

Welcome to Soar-To-Nature and thank you for your interest in Wellness Lifestyle coaching.

Life becomes a real gift when you can live it knowing your true calling. Wellness Coaching allows me to live a purposeful life and to pursue one of my callings which is to inspire others to find wellness and their own purposeful path! I believe that we were each put on this earth to find a calling that is unique to each of us. My focus as your coach is to help you through self discovery, to find your path to a wellness lifestyle.

My Coaching Background

As the founder and head coach of Soar-To-Nature I feel like I am living my life purpose, which is helping others to tap into their inner self to achieve their goals and achieve their creative purpose. Wellness is my life passion and I want to share with others the joys and fulfillment that is gained by discovering and living a healthy lifestyle.

To my Wellness Lifestyle coaching practice I bring:

  • Professional Training from the highly respected coaching school, Career Coach Institute.cci081_01
  • Certification as a Career Coach (CCC) and as a Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC).
  • Extensive Career Experience ranging from being a General Manager of a multi-million dollar facility to the President of the Board of Directors for a large non-profit retirement community.
  • Educational background of a MBA and B.S. in Business Administration.
Nutritional Lifestyle Choices

As far back as the beginning of my teen years, I have been focused on nutrition and exercise as a means to stay toned, fit, and spiritually focused. What started out as a passion for sports and a simple desire to look and feel fit and healthy later became a true lifestyle choice. As a Wellness Lifestyle coach, I am able to turn my passion into both a vocation and an avocation.

I believe a Nutritional Lifestyle should be based on eating the world’s healthiest foods but should also be adventurous and fun. I believe that the food choices you make determine the quality of life you live. As a Wellness Lifestyle coach I focus on nutrition and exercise as a way to feel alive and healthy. I also advocate eating whole natural foods as a way to keep the skin radiant and glowing to stay young from the inside out.

Fitnessl Lifestyle Choices

My approach to fitness is focused on a lifestyle that is concerned with balanced fitness. I have found that cross-training in a variety of fitness activities enhances my total fitness.I am passionate about running and I am actively involved in competitive track and long distance running events including 5k, 10k, and half marathon runs. I also passionate about cycling but I still have enough energy to enjoy weight lifting, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and martial arts. And while I live a very busy lifestyle, I still spend time each day mediating and traveling to my inner silence.

Interests & Past Experiences

I am actively involved in community service and serve as Chairman / President of the Board of Directors for Shepherd Of The Valley Lutheran Retirement Services, Inc. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Lutheran Housing Services of Howland.

In addition, my other interests include traveling, reading, and being with my family and friends.

I am able to blend my personal development experience, educational background, professional coach training, and a holistic (whole person) coaching approach to help individuals successfully move toward a new chapter in their life.

IMG_1206One of my fitness passions is running and I have been fortunate enough to still win medals in multiple events such as in the recent Ohio Senior Games . Please visit: My Runner's Link

Balanced (Whole Person) Lifestyle

I am a passionate believer in living a balanced (whole person) lifestyle and I started my own coaching practice because I believe one of my life purposes is to help others discover their true self and to live a “purposeful” lifestyle. I delight in helping others tap into the "inner self" to become all they can be by following their passions and dreams.

I have a full and busy life, including being a blessed husband of many years to my inspiring wife, who is also my partner in life. I share with her our experiences with our three greatest joys in life, which are our three sons. We also round out our life with our three wonderful pets, extended family members and close friends. I experience life at a full intensity and I encourage those around me to do the same.

As you read about my credentials and experiences you see that I have the tools and resources that I would enjoy sharing with you. I am passionate about coaching and empowering other to find their wellness lifestyle! I would enjoy being you guide on your journey to self discover.