Essential Nutrients


Essential nutrients needed for a Healthy Lifestyle are nutrients that your body can't make on its own. How these nutrients are introduced into your body may have a great impact on how well they are utilized.

Through our coaching sessions you will discover the benefits of deriving nutrients from eating fresh whole foods that provide not only an abundance of individual nutrients but also the variety necessary for their optimal function.

Nutrients do not work alone but rather in synergy, each depending upon others to help support its optimal function. Their synergistic relationship is one of the reasons that it is so important to not focus on single nutrient intake, but on intake of an array of nutrients. An eating plan containing plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts can supply all the antioxidants your body needs.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins are nutrients you must get from food because your body can't make them from scratch. You need only small amounts (that's why they are often referred to as micronutrients) because the body uses them without breaking them down, as happens to carbohydrates and other macronutrients. All the vitamins are organic materials i.e. they are either made up of some plants or animals. We need to eat these materials (plants or animals) or animals fed on these plants to fulfill the need of vitamins and minerals for of our body.

Through our coaching session you will discover how to determine which vitamins and minerals are in the foods that you eat. You will also discover how to follow a daily nutritional plan that provides you the enjoyment of taste, color and nutrients that will become part of your wellness lifestyle.

A daily multivitamin, and maybe an extra vitamin D supplement, is a great way to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to be healthy. Vitamin D from a multivitamin or single supplement can lower the risk of colon and possibly many other cancers.

You should consult with your doctor or nutritionist for the best advice on the amount and types of vitamins that you need.

Water and other Drinks in Our Diet

One of the most effective, natural and least costly ways to help your body is by drinking 8 glasses a day of water, especially naturally-formed pure water that contains minerals which are indispensable to your health.

Many scientists credit water as being the reason for life on earth. All creatures on earth - including humans - rely on water more than any other substance to stay healthy. We can go longer without food than water, and virtually all other nutrient requirements are impacted by the amount of water we drink.

Our bodies are about 60% water by weight, and most nutrients move around through our body in water. Our bloodstream is composed primarily of water, and so are all of our tissues and organ systems. Water is also the key to elimination of toxins from our body (in the form of urine and perspiration). There isn't a single bodily function that does not depend on water.

Please join my Coaching Sessions to learn how to make Vitamins and Minerals part of your Nutritional Lifestyle!

Physician’s Approval
IMPORTANT: This website is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with your personal physician and/or health care provider. Before you engage in any program of wellness, please consult with your physician. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but a wellness coach. The information that I provide you is from my years of experience as someone who has changed their health for the better through living a wellness lifestyle.
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